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Hit Longer Drives

Tour Angle 144

Tour Angle 144

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30-Day Money-back Guarantee 

In just 30-seconds this little device will have you curing your slice and adding yards to your driver and irons

That's right, just 30-seconds to install....

And the Tour Angle 144 will help you...

1 - Knock strokes off your golf game:
The Tour Angle 144 automatically places your forearm and wrists at the perfect angle, helping you build the muscle memory of a perfect swing. Just make sure your forearm is always touching the red arm on our swing corrector tool and you will see an improvement in your golf score!

2 - Perfects your golf posture:
By tweaking your wrist angle to 144 degrees, you’ll ensure your body is in the perfect posture to deliver maximum power. This will help relieve back pain caused by hunching over during your golf game. And make your swing much more powerful and consistent.

3 - Helps golfers at any skill level:
This training aid can be used for men, women, children, amateur, and professional golfers. We offer the training aid for both right hand and left handed golfers.

4 - Additional accessories included:
You don’t just get the Tour Angle 144. You’ll also receive a physical DVD where you’ll learn exactly how to use the training aid. As well as three special bonus training programs to help you add 25+ yards to your drive.


This ingenious aid has... 

  • Multiple swing benefits for all skill levels
  • Long and short game
  • Promotes proper posture, set-up and address
  • One-piece takeaway and backswing
  • Proper downswing "ball then divot" impact
  • Cures chipping yips
  • Cure Your Slice by Eliminating 'Casting' with Instant Feedback
  • Achieve a Natural Setup Position Across All Clubs to Improve Ball Striking
  • Instantly Switch Clubs on the Range or Course with NO Tools, Clamps, or Fasteners
  • Knock strokes off your game for less than the price of one round of golf

 Includes: TourAngle 144, Carry Pouch, Instructional Booklet.  Life-Time warranty against defects.

What other golfers have to say..

I have been around golf for many years as a caddie, working in pro shops, and I played golf competitively in college. Even after all my experience, The Tour Angle 144 has had a dramatic positive impact on my ball striking and posture! The video is hands down one of the best teaching videos for golfers of all handicap levels!" James King M.D.

"I use the Tour Angle 144 almost every time I visit the driving range, It has helped my ball striking as it seems to position me at the correct distance from the ball no matter which club I am swinging."

"I actually like that this apparatus doesn't latch or fit onto a golf club grip (I found the SWINGYDE annoying to use because it just took too much time to unscrew and rescrew the parts whenever I wanted to change clubs)."

" I love having my students use the Tour Angle 144 Trainer because it puts them into a perfect setup with their wrist in a correct position, the club proper distance away from the ball, and a great posture all at the same time. I would recommend the Tour Angle 144 Trainer to any golfer."

"Actually the Tour Angle 144 is best for little no-wrist chip shots.

- This product gave me instant feedback for several swing faults/issues:
1) Standing too tall at address. The apparatus encourages you to take a more bent over posture at address as it "shows" you the correct angle between the shaft and your forearm.
2) Taking the club too far outside on the takeaway. The correct address position promotes a low one piece takeaway. One of things I struggle with is a high takeaway where my hands take the club far outside. Maintaining the correct angle between the shaft and forearm forces you to take the club back more on plane.
3) Coming down too steep in the downswing. I've been trying to shallow out my swing forever. I found that the correct takeaway is key as it puts the club in the correct position needed to come down on plane. "

"I bought mine for 29.00 and it stopped me from flipping my wrist and I am now hitting the ball like I always tried to do but couldn't. It actually opened up my image of the proper moves which I could never do because of the flipping I am now stroking the ball. thank you"

"The product also gives great feedback for casting. Overall, this is a clever product which could really help someone who has setup and takeaway issues."

“It automatically promotes perfect posture, a unified take-a-way and teaches you to hold a powerful angle until impact with every club in your bag. And it will firmly alert you if you 'cast' the club. Practice chipping with it and your chipping woes will finally disappear.”

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