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THERASSAGE UniSex Fluid Filled Insoles

THERASSAGE UniSex Fluid Filled Insoles

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Therassage Fluid Filled Insoles are built around a cool cushion of special cosmetic grade, nontoxic oil, so that they absorb impact and provide a stimulating massage with every step. As you walk, the fluid is redistributed across your entire foot, from heel to arch to the ball of the foot and back again. Thin enough to not change your shoe size, these insoles are truly like walking on water.

What our customers hae to say: 

Awesome insoles. My feet aren’t as tire feeling at the end of the day. They feel like you are walking on a water bed! - John A

Invaluable for a long day of museuming and walking around– feet feel good where before they would have been miserable! - Elizabeth Weilbacher

Your product is great for an umpire like me since I spend a lot of time on my feet doiing baseball games. - James Sears

These insoles are crazy, they actually feel like you are walking on a mini water bed. They take a little while to get used to, but my feet don’t hurt when I take my shoes off after being on my feet all day. 5 stars! - Jerry

Very comfortable. These are not an orthotic, but made for comfort, and they are definitely comfortable to walk on. - Larry

WOW!!! I have tried probably 10 different types of insoles (gel mostly) but none are as comfortable as these. - Sue 

I work construction, and use these in my work boots. I was able to trim them very easily so they fit perfect in my boots. Feel great! - Mike

I like the fact that these are very thin so they don’t take up a lot of space in the shoe and make them tight. Feel nice. - Juan

Just walked 18 holes. So far so good. Feels like you’re walking on bubble wrap . Did not have any foot pain. Will play another round next week and report back. - Brian Stottler

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