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Swing Caddie SC4 Launch Monitor & Golf Simulator

Swing Caddie SC4 Launch Monitor & Golf Simulator

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  • Portable Launch Monitor
  • Measures:
  • » Carry/Total Distance & Smash Factor
    » Launch Angle & Swing Speed
    » Apex (Max Height) & Ball Speed
  • Doppler Radar Technology
  • Voice Output of Distance
  • Instant Feedback via LCD Display
  • Adjustable Loft Angles
  • Apps (iOS & Android) for Real-time/Integrated Shot Data and Statistics for Each Club
  • Device does not require the App to operate
  • Spin Data now available via App
  • Measuring Range: 10-370 Yds
  • 30-Day Money-back Guarantee

A complete simulator and a portable launch monitor.

For use indoors and outdoors, the SC4 delivers professional-grade swing and ball flight metrics.

In Simulator Mode:

The SC4 connects with the included MySwingCaddie App, providing a complete virtual display with metrics and stats.

To further enhance the simulator experience, the SC4 is fully compatible with E6 Connect / Optishot Orion and its suite of photorealistic courses (optional subscription).

In outdoor use

The SC4 can be used as a standalone unit  (no smartphone required) with its vivid display featuring carry distance, launch direction, swing speed, ball speed, smash factor, launch angle, apex, and spin rate. For a more advanced experience, the SC4 connects directly to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth allowing golfers to save their tracked data, record their swings, and produce swing overlays. The remote control, voice output of distance, and rechargeable Lithium Ion battery ensure the highest level of experience and convenience.

SC4 & E6 Connect Account Set Up

What customers are saying: 

Easy to Use and Very Accurate: Perfect for outdoor range practice and warm-up. Extremely easy to use with the screen showing all the numbers (voice too), can just put it on the ground and start using it right away. no need to spend time logging onto an APP which makes using it on the range perfect (when I don't have a lot of time). No need to fiddle with an APP and Bluetooth connecting and reconnecting, checking my phone for data etc.

Looks and feels high quality. Numbers seem very accurate, especially for outdoor use. The spin numbers may be a little on the high side but distance, speed, etc all very accurate. I found devices that I have to log onto an APP are too much trouble for usage most of the time, Just want to dump it on the ground and start hitting balls and read the data on the screen. This is perfect for my outdoor practice before and after a round.
- K. NG

Fantastic Golf Launch Monitor: I took it to the driving range as soon as I receive the package. The setup was easy-breezy with the alignment board that came with the pouch I bought together with SC4. I hit every club in my bag and measured where it landed with a laser to see how well it performed. I was impressed with the results and also how easy it was to change settings between clubs with the remote. Great buy!
- Min Lee

Not perfect, but I love it: This definitely has a few issues that make it worse than the fancy ones, but you get what you pay for and it still does everything I need.

The good: It’s very solid and easy to set up. You simply turn it on and put a ball 5 feet in front and hit. I can’t vouch for the accuracy but it seems good enough to me. (Plenty of other reviews on YouTube test the accuracy.) I am not a good enough golfer to be able to hit the ball so consistently that it matters if I’m hitting a club I think goes 130 and it really goes 125. I also like the app (although there are a few features I’d like to see them add. Like the ability to add different users and keep the stats separate).

The cons: when I try to connect the unit to the app using Bluetooth, it seems to disconnect after 10-15 shots. I think maybe this has something to do with me sticking my phone in my pocket. When I left it out the connection seemed more stable. Lately I’ve just been using the remote and then uploading all the shots to the app at once when I’m done. I also wish it came with a carrying case. You can buy one for $50.

A few things they dont tell you: you can mute the voice using the controls in the app, but not through the remote. Also, the remote only works if you’re like 3-8 feet away. I was initially very puzzled that it didn’t work when I was right next to the unit out of the box.

What I’m using it for is not just to see my distances, but get an idea of what my club speed and launch angle are. It’s good to try tweaks with your swing and be able to see immediately how they affect club speed. Just today I noticed my launch angle on my driver was too high, so I made a few tweaks and I could see immediately the launch angle went down and I got more distance.
- Jeff Fletcher

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