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Putting Connection Golf Training Aid by Sure Putt

Putting Connection Golf Training Aid by Sure Putt

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The industry standard for arm connection during the putting stroke! 

The Sure Putt Putting Connection defines and maintains the triangle between the shoulders, arms and putter grip.

It is well known,  the most consistent stroke utilizes the large muscles of the shoulders and back and torso.

These large muscles produce a smooth broad motion akin to drawing a wide arc on a chalkboard. It is the small wrist and hand and finger muscles that produce the quick, sometimes jerking motion (writing words on a chalkboard) that get the player in trouble.

To produce a repeatable pendulum motion, the player must strive to reduce the number of levers used. Ideally, the arms would hang directly below the shoulders and the shoulders and the arms, hands and shoulders would work together as a single unit.

The Putting Connection helps reduce tension & establishes the connection necessary for the player to learn this stroke.


Golf Putting Connection

The Putting Connection works equally well for the short game and will immediately improve the player's ability to strike the ball consistently.

This device can be used virtually anywhere and you'll discover... 

1. Enhanced Alignment: This training aid helps you achieve proper alignment by guiding your eyes, shoulders, and putter face towards the target. It ensures that your body and putter are aligned correctly, leading to more accurate putts.

2. Consistent Stroke Path: The putting connection training aid promotes a consistent stroke path by connecting your arms and shoulders. It helps eliminate unwanted wrist movements and encourages a smooth pendulum-like motion, resulting in more consistent and controlled putts.

3. Improved Feel and Touch: By using this training aid, you can develop a better feel for distance and touch on the greens. It helps you develop a more refined sense of how hard or soft to hit the ball, leading to better speed control and distance judgment.

4. Increased Confidence: The putting connection training aid instills confidence in your putting stroke. By practicing with proper alignment and a consistent stroke path, you'll gain confidence in your abilities, which can positively impact your performance on the greens.

5. Easy to Use and Portable: The Sure Putt training aid is user-friendly and can be easily set up on any putting green. Its lightweight and compact design make it portable, allowing you to practice your putting skills wherever you go.

Remember, consistent practice is key to improving your putting. The putting connection training aid by Sure Putt can be a valuable tool in helping you develop a more aligned, consistent, and confident putting stroke.

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