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Putter Wheel

Putter Wheel

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A genius Golf Putting Accuracy Trainer that will transform you from a 3-putt machine into a flat stick phenomenon! A mis-hit of the PutterWheel will cause it to wobble off the club face - Watch Video - Instant Feedback!

30-Day Money-back Guarantee 

Included in the Package: 

  • 1, 2 or 3 Putter Wheels as chosen above
  • Alignment Template
  • Microfiber Pouch
  • "Lights Out Putting". Instructional Clinic  - $20 Value

How Are All These Weekend Golfers Suddenly Dropping Putts More Consistently Than Ever Before


...they’ve all discovered the #1 selling golf training aid: PutterWheel

Never hit your putt again.

Learn to roll it like a wheel with...


If you’re struggling with how to get a pure roll on your putts, then we’ve got the perfect solution for you. The PutterWheel system is a revolutionary training aid that will transform you from a 3-putt machine into a flat stick PHENOMENON...

The PutterWheel system is comprised of a highly engineered PutterWheel and its corresponding alignment template.

The PutterWheel is not simply a ball with the sides cut off. It is is designed to replicate the size, weight and feel of an actual golf ball.

The PutterWheel is uniquely engineered to be highly sensitive to mis-hits, resulting in wobbling and curving off the intended line. Multiple engineering, manufacturing and testing cycles were deployed over 2 years to get the perfect combination of outer material hardness, internal weighting and other factors to provide the right amount of feedback.

The red beveled edges make getting your eyes directly over the ball fool-proof. The corresponding alignment template is also an important part of the PutterWheel system. Once you have trained yourself to roll the PutterWheel smoothly on line, you can deploy that mental visualization on the course by drawing 2 parallel lines on your game ball with the alignment tool.

The PutterWheel can be the true difference maker in your game.

In fact, you may begin feeling the difference the very first time you use it.

5 Reasons Everyone Needs The PutterWheel

1. Putting is Important

Did you know that nearly half of your shots in every round are putts? That’s right — almost HALF! Which means one club — just ONE club — is entirely responsible for almost 50% of your score. No ifs, ands, or buts about it — the putter is by FAR the most important club in your bag.

2  Feedback is Critical

Until now, the only way to analyze your putting stroke was to watch it on video. That's time consuming and often expensive. Even after analyzing your putting stroke on video, you still couldn't really tell if you were improving your stroke.

Any putting stroke error is greatly amplified by the unique PutterWheel design - the wheel shape removes a golf ball's 360 degrees of symmetry causing it to wobble, curve and even fall down. This immediate feedback mechanism allows you to try different techniques, putters, and grips to find what works best for you. Once you've got the Putter Wheel rolling smoothly into the cup, then you know dramatic improvement has been achieved.

3  Seeing The Line

Standing over the PutterWheel, you immediately notice that it points in a very specific direction. Instead of just dropping a bunch of balls on the putting green, you should line up each practice putt like you were putting for birdie. The Putter Wheel makes you aim each putt on the proper line and will ingrain this mindset into your routine.

4  Eyes Over The Ball

Every good instructor will tell you that placing your eyes over the ball is a fundamental to good putting. The unique design of the Putter Wheel allows you to see your eye path relative to the intended target line. If your eyes are too far inside or outside the ball, you’ll see the red circle. If your eyes are lined up directly over the ball, you will not see the red circle.

5 Taking It To The Course

Now that you've improved your putting stroke and gained confidence with the PutterWheel, you want to take it to the course! PutterWheel provides a unique alignment template what allows you to easily draw two parallel lines that are the exact width of the PutterWheel on your regular golf balls. Now when you are standing over a putt on the course, you can confidently and seamlessly put that practice to work!



PLUS - Receive a free 6-part instructional series - Lights Out Putting - Absolutely Free! 

Overcome six of the most commonly experienced putting challenges. 

lights out puttingLesson 1
The Sweet Spot
Watch this lesson and start making better putter contact on your very next round.

Lesson 2
The Set Up
Keep your eyes over the ball and learn how to set up a foundation for smoother putts.

better puttingLesson 3
See The Line
With this simple strategy you’ll be lining up your targets like a pro.

become a better putterLesson 4
Square Putter Face
Consistently make solid contact and sweep it right into the hole.

become a better putterLesson 5
Proper Release
Use this one-handed follow through trick to send each putt exactly where you aim it.

become a better putterLesson 6
The Still Head
The most devastating putting mistakes happen in this one crucial moment.



What the Golf World is Saying About the Putting Wheel...

"Want immediate feedback on your putting stroke? Bypass that $500-an-hour teaching pro and pick up a Putter Wheel. Essentially a ball with two sides lopped off, the device wobbles like a drunken sailor when you hit it with anything less than a pure stroke. Catch it just right, though — in the center of your putterface and with a slightly ascending blow — and it rolls like a dream." — Golf Magazine: 39 Ways to fix everything

"I have received the Putter Wheels and thought I would give you some feedback. They are terrific! My students and fellow instructors believe they will be a very good teaching tool. I will be placing an order for more soon." — Bob Williams, The Pasadena Clubfitter, A Golf Digest "Top Fitter" in 2011

"’s a new putting aid that could become one of the best and most innovative products to come along in a long while… it’s small and easily portable. It’s a good price point. And I really think it's going to make me a better putter."  — John Kim, Coordinating Producer,

"Simplicity at it’s very finest! As I noted, PutterWheel is extremely quick and simple to use… What you’ll find is a device that gives almost instant feedback on the quality of your putting stroke, as well as where you hit the ball on the face. Does it Work? In a word, yes – almost frustratingly so. Poor strokes will be glaringly obvious to the user, much more so than using a golf ball…For pure, immediate feedback, I’ve not seen a product that can keep up with this one." — Hacker’s Paradise

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