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Max Coolman



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Finally, the weekend shoe you have been waiting for.

Fun, Fashionable, Functionable, Floatable.

Ditch the flip flops and sandals – no one wants to see your toes. And the problem with clogs is your dignity drains out of the holes.

Our Max Weekender Slip-Ons are everything you could want in a stylish casual shoe to wear to the beach, the pool, the club, the boat, the gym, the spa, the shower or just running out to pick up bagels on a Sunday morning. Made from environmentally friendly, closed cell EVA foam, they are cool and comfortable with a snug fit for support and energizing insoles for a massage with every step. 

  • Ventilation System – Keeps you cooler
  • Water Friendly – Drains water and they float
  • Massaging Insoles – Energize your feet
  • Snug Flexible Fit – Adds comfort & support
  • Waterproof– Great for the pool, beach&shower
  • Odor-Resistant – No more stinky feet
  • Stylish Lightweight Design – Wear them anywhere!

Men’s Shoe Size Chart

MEN’S US SHOE SIZES 8 – 8.5 (EU 42)

MEN’S US SHOE SIZES 9 – 9.5 (EU 43)

MEN’S US SHOE SIZES 10 – 10.5 (EU 44)

MEN’S US SHOE SIZES 11 – 11.5 (EU 45)


What our customers are saying: 

These are great around the clubhouse and in the locker room. No more ugly shower shoes for me!  - Arnold

These are now my “go to” shoes for running around on the weekends. They fit great, are light weight, breathable and the massaging insoles make every step more comfortable. - Leon

These shoes are great. I wear them every wear. Comfortable and lightweight. My wife drew the line and would not let me wear them to dinner on Saturday night. - Joe

I just bought my 3rd pair. I now have them in all 3 colors. I wish they made more. I would love to get them for my son, but he wears a size 12, and the largest they make is 11 and that fits me and his foot is bigger than mine. - Ed

I really like these shoes. The material is similar to crocs, but not nearly as ugly.  Lionel

I ordered these originally for after golf, but I wear them all weekend long. My wife told me she is getting tired of seeing me in them. I just ordered them in blue. Very, very comfortable! - Rodrigo

I wore these to the boat show, and I am not exaggerating, 10 different people stopped me and asked where I bought them. - Allan

I wear these when I work in my garden, but also out to run errands. Really comfortable. - Jake

I’ve been wearing these shoes to the beach every day this week while on vacation in St. Barths. They are extremely comfortable on the sand and on the street. - Mike

Love these shoes! I wish they came in more colors. I wear them everywhere I go on the weekends. - Robert

Finally found the perfects boat shoe. Lightweight, super comfortable and they don’t leave marks on the deck. - David

Since retiring to Playa Del Carmen, my main source of exercise is walking. I found these are the perfect shoes long walks on the beach at the edge of the water. They provide good support, and the water drains out. - Allan

These are really cool shoes. They look great, are cushiony and I can really wear them anywhere. I like them, because I can just slip them on like boat shoes, but they are super lightweight. - Jon

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