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Lights Out Putting Digital Video Training Series

Lights Out Putting Digital Video Training Series

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Overcome six of the most commonly experienced putting challenges. 

lights out puttingLesson 1
The Sweet Spot
Watch this lesson and start making better putter contact on your very next round.
Lesson 2
The Set Up
Keep your eyes over the ball and learn how to set up a foundation for smoother putts.
better puttingLesson 3
See The Line
With this simple strategy you’ll be lining up your targets like a pro.
become a better putterLesson 4
Square Putter Face
Consistently make solid contact and sweep it right into the hole.
become a better putterLesson 5
Proper Release
Use this one-handed follow through trick to send each putt exactly where you aim it.

become a better putterLesson 6
The Still Head
The most devastating putting mistakes happen in this one crucial moment.

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