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AlmostGolf Limited Flight Practice Foam Golf Balls, Hi-Vis Yellow

AlmostGolf Limited Flight Practice Foam Golf Balls, Hi-Vis Yellow

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Every golfer knows that the secret to lower scores is practice, but it isn’t always convenient to pack up and go to the driving range. Our Foam Golf Balls from AlmostGolf offer true-flight characteristics that allow you to accurately assess your golf swing, ball striking, and follow through - all from the convenience of your back yard.

The first off-course safe ball with real ball performance! Watch Video! 

#1 golf practice ball

Introducing Almost Golf Balls, the perfect solution for golf enthusiasts looking to practice their swing anytime, anywhere! These innovative golf balls can be used whether you're practicing in your backyard, at the park, or even indoors.  

Almost Golf Balls feature a unique construction that allows them to mimic the feel and flight of a traditional golf ball, while being much softer and safer. These aren't your average foam balls; they're a revolutionary training tool designed to mimic the true-flight characteristics of a traditional golf ball. Now you can accurately assess your swing, ball striking, and follow through without leaving the comfort of your backyard. Crafted with high-tech, ultra-durable materials, these balls are perfectly balanced for true spin, trajectory, and accuracy. They boast a .32 COR rating, thanks to their unique cross-linked foaming and internal pressure - that's approximately one third of a traditional golf ball! Unlike other limited distance balls, our Almost Golf Balls won't crack, shred or deform under regular play.

They outperform wiffle, blown plastic balls, and nerf-like spongy balls in terms of true fade & draw. Plus, they float in water for easy retrieval during practice sessions!


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Not only are Almost Golf Balls safe, but they also offer exceptional performance. They are engineered to provide optimal distance and accuracy, enabling you to work on your swing mechanics and improve your game.

With their bright colors and high visibility, Almost Golf Balls are easy to spot, making them perfect for practicing in various environments. You can even use them during indoor golf simulators or in driving ranges with restricted space. Their versatility and portability make them a must-have golf accessory for players of all levels.

So, grab a set of Almost Golf Balls and elevate your golf practice to new heights. Safely train your swing, perfect your technique, and enjoy the game you love, wherever you are. Get ready to take your golf skills to the next level with these fantastic practice balls!


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