3 Exercises For More Rotation And Longer Drives

3 Exercises For More Rotation And Longer Drives

All exercises for Golf will help your game.  These Golf Exercises will increase your rotation and help you hit longer drives.  

What's up, Hit Longer Drives, Mark Williamson, the Golf Yogi, here to show you how to produce more rotation in your golf swing so you can achieve longer drives.

A wide rotation in your golf swing is going to allow you to complete a full backswing. By rotating into a full backswing, you'll store more power to unleash into the back of the ball.

These three exercises for golfing will show you how to rotate around your axis properly. You'll stretch out your shoulders, your torso, and your back. If you can rotate around a stable base, you'll be that much closer to longer drives.


This powerful aid will force you to focus on your body, so you don't try to scoop the ball up onto the green with your wrists.

Golf In Sync is a training tool primarily for short game which helps the player perform a synchronized swing where the power generated comes from a body rotation.

Learn more here: Golf In Sync


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