How Often To Upgrade A Putter

How Often To Upgrade A Putter

Golf putter technology does not change as rapidly as golf iron or driver technology. This leaves many golfers wondering how often it is necessary to upgrade a putter. Some players will use the same putter for 20 years, but there are some things to understand about upgrading a putter before it starts negatively impacting your game. 

Putter Condition

If your putter shows obvious signs of damage, it's time to get a new one. The putter condition is most important on the face. If your putter face has imperfections, it could negatively impact the ball and the way it comes off the clubface. 

In addition, make sure alignment lines are still visible. 

Matching It To Your Stroke

Match the putter that you have to the putting stroke you have. If you have an arc style putting stroke, it's a good idea to use a blade style putter. For those with straight back and straight through, mallet putters can be the better choice. If you have changed your putting stroke at some point, match the putter to it. 

Putter Forgiveness 

One of the biggest changes we have seen in putter technology is putter forgiveness. A more forgiving putter can now feel great and keep the ball on the line consistently. 

If you know you have a good putting stroke but still don’t have the putting stats you want, your putter could have outdated technology. This is when an upgrade will give you that forgiveness you need without taking away the feel and precision. 

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