Tips For Breaking 100

Tips For Breaking 100

Breaking 100 is a big deal. If you have been playing golf for a year or two or have enjoyed it for ten years, when you can get the scores into the 90s, it feels like a real accomplishment. Here are some of our favorite tips for learning how to break 100 and then keep scores below 100. 

Short Game Accuracy

We get it; everybody says you need to practice your putting to break 100. However, this is a bit annoying. Breaking 100 is not just about practicing putting; it's almost more important to get your chip close to the hole. Think about it, if your chip is closer to the hole, shouldn’t your chances of making the putt be better? 

Have An Alternate Off The Tee

The driver doesn’t always work out. It’s not the easiest club in the bag to hit. Think about hitting a 3 wood or a hybrid at times to keep the ball in play. Practice these clubs on the range, so you are ready to use them as an alternate on the course. 

Make A Smart Recovery 

Most golfers trying to break 100 pull off one too many hero shots. This is not necessary. Instead of going for the hero shot, get the ball in play. Stop trying to hit 3 wood out from behind a tree. Chances are it won’t work out. Get the ball back into play and move on. 

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