Sliding In The Golf Swing: Why It Causes Inconsistencies

Sliding In The Golf Swing: Why It Causes Inconsistencies

If you have ever taken a golf lesson or even just tried to analyze your golf swing, you probably have a general idea that sliding in the golf swing is bad. Sliding causes inconsistent shots, but to work on fixing these inconsistencies, it's important to understand all that goes on in this process. 

What Is Sliding In Golf? 

Sliding in the golf swing is when your hips lack pivot, and instead, they laterally slide. This can happen on the backswing and the downswing, but it is most common on the backswing. 

Why Do Golfers Slide? 

Golfers slide in their swings because they are looking for power. At first, the slide can feel powerful, but it ends up creating consistent golf swings. 

How To Fix It? 

The sliding can be fixed. Here is our favorite drill to help when you find yourself sliding and losing some of the power and consistency you want in your game. 

Take a golf alignment stick and place it next to your right hip. Place it low enough that it will not get in the way of the golf club as you swing. 

When you take the club back and turn away from the ball, your hip has to turn away from the target so it doesn’t bump into the alignment stick. You can hit shots like this or simply take practice swings and then set up and hit. 

Sometimes all you need is the concept that turning away from the ball and pivoting is the best motion. 

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