How Often Should I Regrip My Clubs

How Often Should I Regrip My Clubs

Regripping golf clubs are more important than most golfers realize. Without your grips being fresh and tacky, there is a good chance the golf club will slip into your hands. On average, golfers need new grips every 6 to 12 months. Here are some key indicators to know it is time to regrip your golf clubs. 

Grips Feel Slippery 

Anytime you can rub your hand up and down the grip and feel no traction at all, chances are it’s time to regrip the clubs. If you play a lot of golf, this could be every three or four months that you need the new grips. 

Physical Signs of Wear and Tear

Some grips have string built into them or have a soft polymer finish on the outside. These are all great features, but they can sometimes result in wear and tear. Look at the grip you are using and see if there are indentations or marks where your hands are located. Sometimes these are going to make it difficult for you to get the control you need in your hands. 

It’s Been A While! 

Don’t be that person who has had the same grips for 5 years. Golf grips do not last that long! Take the time and the funds to get some new grips to put on; you will be thrilled you did. 

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