Does What You Eat On The Golf Course Matter?

Does What You Eat On The Golf Course Matter?

With a new year upon us, people often start to think about nutrition and wellness. It’s only natural to want to start the year off on the right foot. Have you ever wondered if what you eat during a round of golf has an impact on your score? 

It does! 

How What You Eat Impacts Your Golf Game 

When you play golf, you need a certain amount of energy and focus to play a great round. If you are eating high fat or greasy foods, not only is your stomach at risk so is your energy level and focus. 

What To Eat On The Golf Course? 

One of the things you can learn from watching professionals is what to eat on the golf course. Have you ever seen Tiger Woods eating a hamburger at the turn? Probably not. 

The best food to eat has protein, is not greasy or heavy, and can help keep you hydrated and focused. 

Professional golfers will eat a piece of fruit, have a protein bar or drink a protein shake. Some golfers won’t eat at all, and they will instead just drink power drinks and water until they finish their rounds. 

The key is that the choices are healthy and used to fuel your brain. When you eat the right foods on the golf course, expect to have more energy and potentially even save a few shots the next time you head out on the course. 

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