Am I Ready For Tournament Golf?

Am I Ready For Tournament Golf?

Playing in a golf tournament is supposed to be fun. However, many golfers wonder if their game is ready and if this is a good idea for them. Here are some ways to know you may be ready for tournament golf. 

You Play Better With Something On The Line

Playing golf with something on the line will make some golfers thrive, and others collapse. If you like to have at least a dollar or so wagered when you play golf, chances are you thrive on competition. This is a good sign that you are ready for tournament play. 

You Are Dedicating Time To Your Golf Game

It takes time to be a good golfer. In fact, you have to work at it if you want to do well in a tournament. Playing tournament golf and never practicing or just playing a random round on a Saturday is generally not a great combination. Give yourself time to prepare. 

You Need A New Challenge/Focus In Your Life

Playing in golf tournaments can be all-consuming. For some, this is not a good idea because of other obligations or responsibilities. However, the ability to focus energy and involvement in the golf tournament is a tremendous benefit for others. Golf tournaments will give you a great place to harbor all of that energy and enjoy competing with other golfers.

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