Crispy Wedges...Forward Forward Drill

Crispy Wedges...Forward Forward Drill

Mr. Short Game provides a simple swing thought that will have you hitting crispy wedges.

We all want to hear that pure sound when the ball leaves the middle of the clubface. It sounds good. It feels good. It has a penetrating trajectory.

And when it hits the green, it stops. Mr. Shortgame can help us achieve all those sights, sounds, and feelings!

It's called the Forward Forward Drill. It's about moving your weight forward as opposed to swaying your weight backward on your backswing.

Which can cause a whole lot of issues like flipping, chunking, thinning.

Yeah, not ideal.


How to fix your slice (3 steps)

5-minutes is all you need to eliminate a slice (or hook) and add up to 40 yards of distance. 

It’s true! 

Tiger Woods’ former coach recently teamed up with Tiger’s former club engineer at Nike. 

Together they created the world's fastest slice fix (see it HERE)...

It’s the first swing trainer to AUTOMATICALLY get you to swing from the inside AND hit up on the ball in 3 simple steps. 

Good golfers know those are the two most important factors to hitting long, straight drives. 

Now, thanks to the Launch Deck you can do it in only 5 minutes or less… 

✅ Step 1: Adjust your “auto-path” swing gates and “launch hurdle”… to give you the perfect swing path and attack angle. You learn how to do this based on your current #1 miss. 

✅ Step 2: Put the Launch Deck down in your house, on the range, or at the office. Literally just plop it down ANYWHERE you can swing a club. 

✅ Step 3: Take a swing and watch as your body naturally gets your club to fly through the auto-path swing gates and over the launch hurdle without any complicated swing thoughts.

launch deck

Better launch angle, trajectory, carry distance, roll, and accuracy has never been easier. 

When you’re ready to experience what it’s like to finally fix your slice AND add up to 40 yards of distance… 

This special link unlocks a 50% off discount on the world’s fastest slice fix (it’s guaranteed to work)



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