Why Is So Much Carbon Being Used In Golf Clubs in 2023?

Why Is So Much Carbon Being Used In Golf Clubs in 2023?

The new 2023 golf clubs are coming to market, and there seems to be a strong theme throughout the options. The material we are seeing used most frequently is carbon. Carbon became a big deal last year with the release of the TaylorMade Stealth line, but it seems like it is here to stay. 

Have you wondered why golf club manufacturers have wanted to use carbon? 

Carbon fiber is lighter and less dense. This makes it a better choice than titanium in some instances because golfers can swing it faster. Ball speed gives us distance, and manufacturers are always looking for a way to increase ball speed. 

Another great feature of carbon is that it is more flexible than titanium. Flexibility in a clubhead can increase energy transfer. All the potential energy you have stored in the clubhead can now make its way to the golf ball. 

The result is almost always higher ball speed and more yards. Although TaylorMade may be the only company going for the full carbon face, the new Callaway Paradym line has a full carbon chassis. 

If you have yet to see what carbon in a golf club head can do, we encourage you to give it a try. Some golfers have seen great differences, and others are hoping titanium doesn’t go away.

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