Should I Tee Up My Irons on A Par 3?

Should I Tee Up My Irons on A Par 3?

We have talked about whether or not a tee is necessary with a driver or fairway wood and determined that it almost always is. However, there are other times when you are on a par 3 and may wonder whether teeing up the golf ball is worth it. 

Here are the things to remember when teeing up irons on a par 3 hole. 

Keep It Low 

In general, we recommend teeing the ball up a little, as it can help to improve overall turf interaction. However, some golfers take this to the extreme and really fully tee the ball up as they would with a larger club head. 

Teeing the ball up very high with an iron is not an advantage. In fact, you may miss the sweet spot of the club if you tee it too high. 

Check The Tee Box Out 

Look at the entire tee box; many of these tee boxes are uneven or divot filled, with no good place to tee the golf ball up. Use the teeing to your advantage, and ensure that you are starting the hole from a fair spot. 

For Wedges, You May Want To Reconsider 

As we said, teeing the golf ball up on a par 3 makes sense. However, we do recommend that when it comes to a wedge, you make sure it’s the right choice for your game. Sometimes with wedge shots, you will notice greatly reduced spin from teeing it up. 

Expect the shot to fly and then land a little differently than usual. This is not necessarily bad, just something to be aware of. 

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