Longer & Straighter Series

Longer & Straighter Series

Six Tips to Help You Gain Big Distance and Find More Fairways

The Grip Solid is an innovative golf training aid with a specially formulated thin flexible rubber strap that is worn over your golf glove - positions your club in the perfect location.

Soft fins conform to the taper of your club to immediately let you know if you grip too tightly at any point in your swing. Watch the video below.

Perfect Touch & Feel

The award winning Grip Solid is worn over your glove to give you perfect grip pressure throughout your swing. Grip Solid ensures your grip is perfect throughout your swing. If you’re holding the club too tight, your tempo is ruined. Grip Solid prevents the club from slipping and eliminates death grip.

Grip Solid works with drivers, irons and wedges. Practice while you play with Grip Solid – Develop the touch and feel you need to improve your game.

  • Solves hooks and slices
  • Improves distance and control
  • Develops accuracy and consistence.

Works with any club - ready in seconds

Improve Your Game While You Play

FLEX•BAR fins promote accurate PRESSURE:

Press against your palm to instantly let you know if you’re gripping too tight at all critical points of your swing

Encourages tactile recognition and develops muscle memory

FLEX•BAR fins guarantee consistent POSITION:

Creates flexible barrier to keep club down in the fingers through your entire swing

Prevents club from slipping up in palm and re-gripping

Alignment Indicators ensure correct placement on hand

The only training device that instantly lets you know when you’re gripping too tight! Prevent the club from slipping and eliminate death grip!

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Easy As Putting On A Glove

Index Alignment

Over your existing golf glove, place the Grip Solid across the palm of your left hand with the Grip Solid FLEX•BAR facing outward.

Position the Index Alignment indicator in-line with your index finger.

Adjust & Close

Over your existing golf glove, place the Grip Solid across the palm of your left hand with the Grip Solid FLEX•BAR facing outward.

Position the Index Alignment indicator in-line with your index finger.

Check Positioning

Adjust the Grip Solid so the forward edge is directly behind your knuckles when making a fist.

Align the Grip Solid

Place the grip of the club across your fingers below the Grip Solid FLEX•BAR. The FLEX•BAR should be directly on top of your golf club grip & parallel with your grip’s leading edge indicators – These are the “tick” marks or line which runs parallel to the club face.

Grip Your Club

Gently close your left hand around the grip. The Grip Solid FLEX•BAR positions the club to be properly cradled in your fingers.

Complete Your Grip

Place your right hand on the golf club using your normal grip.

Squeeze the club with both hands until you feel the Grip Solid FLEX•BAR compress. Slowly release your grip pressure until you can no longer feel the FLEX•BAR.

What Customers Are Saying

"If you’re looking for a non-intrusive no-hassle way of learning the correct grip pressure and proper grip positioning you should have, Grip Solid provides that immediately and throughout your swing. You’ll see it in less hooks and slices. You’ll see it in hitting your ball more squarely and accurately, giving you the distance you want because you’re hitting it straighter."

Bob Koczor, Editor of Golf Today Magazine

"Great for training players – especially high-handicappers – how to hold the club. Sounds basic, but it’s a common flaw of beginners, who strangle the club. Seasoned players can also benefit. Advanced players are always taking on bad habits. They think it’s their swing path, club position, etc. but it might simply be the position of the club in their hand is incorrect. This product re-positions the club to where it should be."

Allen Grant, Golf Talk Lounge

"I have had several lessons and thought I knew how to grip the clubs. But when I tried the Grip Solid, my ball striking improved dramatically–about a full club length further in distance! Consistency improved and my score dropped. It is easy to use and amazingly effective."

Howard Greenhalgh, FL

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